It was a very frightening test for the little kids but they proved to be brave. 10-year-old Brenden, 8-year-old Delicia, together with their little brother of 22 months called Owen were having some play at the park, when…

An abductor appeared and took Owen then started to run away. Surveillance cameras were able to record the whole scene. The other two kids on seeing that they start running after him.

A witness by the name of Dorothy Giddings, said that the small girl was running around a corner while screaming. The screams were the ones which attracted people nearby. Two other boys joined the chase, which made the adductor to develop cold feet and put Owen down so as to run for his life.

Giddings said that she told Delicia to scream as it was the right thing to do, as it was because of it that baby Owen was rescued.

The story went viral and one person who never knew Delicia was very much amazed how the two kids had affection to their little baby brother. Because of their braveness, the stranger who never wanted his name to be revealed gave each one of them $100.

Even though the kids were happy, the happiest of all was their dad, who pretty understands well how bad it would have been if Owen was to disappear.

Michael Wright, their dad, said that he was very pleased with them because of what they did and the love they showed when it came to their little brother.

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