For those of us who love our companion animals, there is little we would do to make them happy and caring.

We truly love our animals, and one of the reasons is that they give us so much unconditional love in return.

We receive unconditional love from animals, which is rarely received from humans. As their protectors, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are cared for, fed and cared for in whatever way they need.

As our pets age, their needs can change, as do the needs of older people. An older dog will need more grooming than a younger puppy.

Many older animals are abandoned due to their needs. It is not uncommon to see older dogs and cats in shelters as they are abandoned by their young companion animals. All over the world, animals are abandoned when they need more care, but there are some pet owners who would never do that.

For example, we know people who go home after their lunch break at work to give medicine to animals. A video recently captured a man taking care of his older dog out of the blue. Not only do you take care of your dog, but you also try to provide your old friend with a good quality of life.

It happened in Vibo Valentina, Italy, and a man was seen walking with his dog. But the point is that the dog could not walk well, so the walk was not like a normal dog walk.

This man took it to a whole new level. Male – Tonino Vitale, his dog is 13 years old. It’s not that much, but large dogs age more than younger ones, and this dog is almost disabled.

Tonino takes the dog outside every day and carries it in a cart because the dog cannot walk well. A neighbor, Sabrina La Grotteria, saw the couple “walking” one day and decided to film it as an example of how to treat elderly animals.

The dog, Dylan, has arthritis in his legs and is no longer as mobile as he used to be. However, that doesn’t stop his loving human companion from taking him for a walk they both enjoy together. Tonino made the car himself. This is Love. Watch the following video.


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