King & Country’s Spine-Chilling Cover of “Little Drummer Boy” Will Be Your New Favorite Holiday Song

If there is one thing everyone loves, it is a better version of a good song, especially if it is something as popular and played every year as a good Christmas song. This cool group, King & Country, know that, and they are determined to bring you all the goodies in one go. Their focus? Drummer Boy!

Drummer Boy is a Christmas classic that has lifted people’s spirits every year, and now it is getting a “total makeover” that will be sure to make everyone love it even more. You just have to wait and see what happens on the stage!

It all starts with a group member showing up onstage and working a drum under a spotlight, and then some other members show up to join in the fun in a full twist of music that is sure to cause a frenzy among the audience. From classic to rock in a dash!

The lyrics are all the same, but the tune is a whole lot of rock. If this does not make your Christmas, nothing will!

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