A lady went to store to buy a parrot and asked the sale’s man, “what’s so special about the parrot ?”

Sale’s man says the parrot can talk.

So the lady asks the parrot, “how do I look ?”

The parrot replied “you look like a prostitute!”

The lady got pissed off, and tells the sale’s man that it’s a very rude parrot and she cannot buy it.

The sale’s man told the lady to please wait for two minutes, so he took the parrot to the back of the store and shoves the parrot into a bucket of water and when he pulls the parrot out, he says, “if you disrespect out there I will soak you in water again.

Then he took the parrot back outside.

The salesman asked the lady to ask the parrot questions again.

LADY : If I come home with one man what would you think ?

PARROT : He’s your husband.

LADY : Two men ?

PARROT : Your husband and his brother.LADY : Three men ?

PARROT : Your husband, his brother and your brother.

LADY : Four men ?

PARROT : Sir, please just bring the bucket of water, I already told you she is a prostitute!

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