Nothing is stronger than a family bond, and this video proves it. Here’s a little boy that watches over his sitter even in crowded and most friendly places. This is just so cute!

So it happens that Ruby, who is the little boy’s sister, is participating in a wrestling match against a 5-year-old schoolmate, Ryan. There’s the audience watching the match. Ruby’s dad is also present. And the match begins!

Turns out, Ryan is trying to win against Ruby, but it seems that Ruby’s brother doesn’t like it when people grab his sister by the leg. Apparently, that’s what Ryan is trying to do to Ruby, and the little brother seems to think of it as violent. He has to act!

Watch as the little 2-year-old kid storms into the stage and intrudes on the carpet to help his sister. He actually grabs his sister’s opponent and puts him down like a real wrestling star! All this while, his dad is capturing the scene on film. The audience can’t keep from laughing!

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