When this cool girl little decided to do a video of her dancing to one cool pop song, she had no idea what her grandpa had in store for her, until she spun around and caught him right in the act. Now this video is breaking the internet!

In the clip, you see this lady doing her dance, and then you see her grandpa breaks into the scene and starts his own dance in the background. The girl has no idea what’s going on behind her, but her eye catches something and she turns around to see. But grandpa isn’t in the mood to get caught “bombing” a little girl’s dancing experience. At the moment, he’s busy cleaning the counter. When the girl turns to continue dancing, the old timer joins in again!

It goes on and on until she finally catches him red-handed. It gets even more interesting when she decides to embrace the old man’s “nuisance” and they both end up producing this piece that’s now getting people crazy.

Watch it and SHARE. It’s too good!

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