Let’s admit it; we have had a crush at some point in our lives.

Little Mila Stauffer has had her first crush. The young lady reached out to her grandmother to give her relationship advice.

Mila has a crush on Justin Bieber. She decided to Facetime Grandma asking what is the best way to win over her celebrity crush. Justin Bieber has a hoard of young ladies who claim to love him, but Mia hopes she stands a chance.

Thankfully, Grandma has a few relationship tips that come in handy. Although some of Grandma’s tips seem outdated, Mila keenly listens to her.

The advice ranges from writing letters to taking him out on a date. Mila dismisses some of Grandma’s ideas. However, when Grandma jokes about dating George, the little girl cuts her mid-sentence by yelling #GROSS!”

Grandma suggests that Mia should invite Justin to the disco or buy him a fidget spanner. Grandma advises Mia to slide into Justin’s DM on social media. It is something Mila can do comfortably and win Justin’s love.

Grandma even helps Mila draft the message and offers the best ice-breaker conversation.

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