The Remembrance Day and buying a poppy is a big deal for veteran soldiers. 3-year old Temperance Pattison learned the importance of the day when her mom explained it to her.

Money collected from the sale of poppies was meant for veteran soldiers and the families of the soldiers that died during the war. Although Tempy did not understand why they were giving the soldiers money, she decided to be part of the fundraising.

Tempy, at five years, decided to participate in the 100-meter swim and a triathlon to raise money to help the heroes.

Unknown to Tempy, she was about to make a new friend. She met Simon Brown, a soldier who was shot by a sniper in Iraq. Simon was left with only 20 percent vision in one of his eyes.

Simon was a beneficiary of the fundraiser. The two came together for an online series dubbed “Facing It Together” where they shared their stories.

Tempy impressed Simon as she loved to challenge herself and applauded the soldiers for being heroes.

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