When winter knocks in, weather reporters are the best people to listen to if you want to keep on the safe on roads. They tell you when and where to avoid. That is what makes this weather reporter so famous. He is just the best!

You see, besides being a reporter, Bob Herzog is also a singer. Bob has decided to use his singing prowess to good use. As a reporter, he comes up with parodies of various popular songs in an effort to sensitize people about safe driving and road safety. To be fair, his efforts must be paying off very well.

In a fond recognition of his hilarious presentations, his Cincinnati audience has baptized him the “Traffic Man.”  In the clip here, you’ll know why the nice title fits this guy. He’s truly the traffic man!

Watch as Bob takes on Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” and turns it into something else so hilarious and informational. Watch and have a hearty laugh as you learn a great deal about road safety during winter.

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