Many people will confess that they would feel really scared and in need of taking to their heels if ever a huge wave approaches the beach. However, the people having their nice moment s on this special beach at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, don’t seem to find anything unusual with a gigantic ocean wave running down a reef barrier just a few feet away from them. Interesting!

As the wave repeatedly hits the reef and sends ripples to the shores, the swimmers go on with their stuff like it’s no big deal. These people aren’t any scared of a huge wave. They must have seen it many times before.

Watch the great event unfold as the waters splash against the reef time after time and make you wonder why no one is noticing. In fact, Alex Scola of the Metador Network couldn’t hide her surprise at the people’s reaction to the big event.

Watch the clip here and enjoy to the fullest.

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