Andrei Matei was returning home one day when a small puppy ran in front of him along the road. He panicked, paused, and went out to check on the puppies. He was surprised to see two more puppies sitting alone on the side of the road.

The three pups were clearly abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Instead of dropping them off on this busy street, Andrei greeted them, although he had no idea what to do to help them.

He drove them home to feed them and keep them warm and asked his friends what the next course of action should be.

One friend suggested he reach out to local animal rescuer Aura Vasile. She met them over at the vet clinic where the pups were being treated for fleas and worms, and afterward, she took them in.

Andrei continued to be interested in the puppies even after he gave them to Aura. But he was happy to hear that Aura had found a home for them forever in the first week!

These three puppies were very lucky that such kind people as Andrey and Aura found them and took care of them.

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