Is heaven real? Is hell real? Some people are skeptical about any of this, but a great majority of people do have an inclination towards these believes. If you’re looking for some evidence to this, this video will give you that, and more. In fact, Hebert Broome has one heck of a message that everyone should be scrambling to know about right now!

Herbert had cancer, and it was getting too sad that he was bedridden. He was in final days as the illness took a toll on him. Minutes before he passed away, something unbelievable happened to Broome. This is serious!

He met God! From the video record at that time, Broome claims to have been visited by God himself and given a special, very serious message to tell the world. And guess what?! It’s about heaven and hell! You should be itching to see this. It’s almost scary!

So go ahead and hit that “play” button on this video and watch it to the end.  If you find it true and inspiring, SHARE with the world too!

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