A man in Australia is making people gasp with disbelief. Just how lucky can one person be?!

Bill Morgan was a truck driver.  Even at age 37, the guy lived in a trailer. He was clearly not a very lucky guy, and it almost got him killed when he was involved in a grizzly accident with his truck. He got a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. And then it happened!

The doctors didn’t know that Bill had an allergy for a drug that they used on him. His heart stopped! 14 whole minutes! Bill was dead!

But then he wasn’t! Bill was alive! But he was in coma. He had to be kept on life support for the next 10 days, and then he woke up. Everyone was shocked. The man was all fine. No brain damage or whatever. That’s when his life changed!

He quit his job and asked his girlfriend to marry him. Next? He won a car in a lotto! A media house went to interview him and asked him to try another go at the local lotto shop. He won 250,000! This is a must watch.

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