Man Doesn’t Recognize His Wife After Surgery.. What He Says Next Has Everyone Rolling In Laughter

No man appreciates his wife’s beauty than one Jason Moternson. His attraction to the love of his life transcends deliriousness!

So it happened that Jason was to undergo a surgical procedure. There were nurses to attend to him before and after surgery. When the procedure pulled through, he was still delirious due to the medications they had pumped into his system. That’s when it happened!

Jason’s wife was at the hospital waiting to see her hubby. When it was time to go in to see him, she did just that. She walked in to find a delirious man in the hospital bed. Even with all that disorientation, Jason couldn’t deny that this woman was breathtakingly beautiful. However, he hadn’t come out of it yet to realize that she is actually his wife!

So he talked! He told her how stunning she looked. He thought she was one of the nurses sent in by the doctor. To his surprise, the “nurse” sat right beside him and introduced herself as his one and only beloved wife, Candice!

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