One of the most heartbreaking diseases is dementia. Your loved one who’s suffering from it slips little by little from you and lose almost every memory of you. You give them the support and love they need but you can’t help but feeling sad realizing they don’t know you anymore.

Joe Daley has seen this happen to his mother right before his eyes. Joe began making videos to document the progress of the disease shortly after his beloved mother was diagnosed with dementia, reports HuffPost. The videos are a heartbreaking reminder of the horrible nature of this disease.

Despite educating himself about the effects of dementia, Joe was still not prepared for the emotional impact of what was ahead. The day that his mother did not recognize him was a particularly difficult thing to process. In fact, Joe said in the episode that it was the worst day of his life.

In this video, Joe takes his mom to lunch and to the hair salon. His hope was that all of these everyday activities would trigger her failing memory. Instead, Joe had to face the realization that his mother did not even know who he was. Although it is heartbreaking to watch, Joe’s videos do an amazing job documenting the progress of this disease and the devastating effects that it has on family members as they watch their loved ones fall into the abyss.

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