The ocean life is, for the most part, remains very much unexplored. Captain Dave Anderson took this amazing footage off the coast of San Clemente when he flew one of his drones high up into the air. When he took his boat out that day he had no idea that he would be capturing this incredible footage!

At first, everything seemed normal as the waves crash near Dana Point. However, there was something hiding just underneath the surface of the water.

Most of us have seen the surreal beauty of stampeding animals migrating on land, but watching dolphins gracefully moving through the ocean is a sight to be seen. There are literally thousands of dolphins in this migrating mega-pod!

But that wasn’t the end. The drone, which was carrying a GoPro camera, was able to record the ocean come alive in even more¬†draw-dropping footage. Off the coast of Maui, Hawaii, the drone filmed a large humpback whale mamma snuggling and playing with her baby calf. An “escort” whale can be seen keeping a vigilant eye on the pair nearby.

Watch the video below to see how whales and dolphins spend their most private moments. This is a real-life documentary at its finest!

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