News of child abuse is not uncommon. Child abuse takes various forms, although others are blatantly obvious. Why do people abuse innocent children?

Matt Knight is a concerned neighbor. The man noticed a little girl strapped to the gate with rubber bungee cord. He quickly sprung to action. 

Before unstrapping the girl, Matt took a photo of the girl to present as evidence to the authorities. Sadly, this is not the first time the little girl has been put in precarious situations. Matt and other neighbors have seen the little girl roaming the streets unsupervised in the past.

The girl remains anonymous as her parents have an ongoing court case. In the past month, the police have visited their house for close to three times. It is not clear why the girl is still living with her irresponsible parents.

Matt and KHQ news channel sought assistance from Child Protective Services to help to build a case against the irresponsible parents. The girl also needs to find a home where she is loved and appreciated.

Some of the images on the video are disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

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