Man notices strange woman sitting alone in her car in the parking lot. Then he does this…

Be kind to everyone; you do not know what battles they are fighting. Quintin Conway can attest to this fact. Quintin was having a terrible day coupled with fatherhood, life, and work struggles. However, he did something that made an elderly woman smile.

Quintin was in the store to grab a few items. He was having a terrible day and felt sorry for himself. Quintin is a husband and a father who was dealing with the usual life struggles when he noticed something was amiss. In the parking lot, there was a completely bad woman who was sitting alone in her car. She was reading and appeared sad.

Despite Quintin having a bad day, he decided to something for the stranger. He knew he had to lift her spirits somehow. Quintin had no idea what was wrong. He ran back to the store and purchased a beautiful bouquet of flower for the woman. As Quintin pulled out of the parking, he noticed the woman was sobbing. It was then that he realized others might be facing bigger problems than his.

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