Man shocked when he sees a young boy dumped in shopping mall – realizes the danger and acts immediately

When you raise a child, you have the responsibility to give him a loving home, keep him in safety and raise him very well. Unfortunately, not all children get what they so rightly deserve.

The incident you’re about to watch in the video below happened in Brazil. You wouldn’t never imagine something like this would happen to a child who barely knows something about the world.

Nearly seven million Brazilian children live without their parents and many are homeless. It becomes more and more normal for parents to abandon their children simply because they can’t afford to provide for them.

That reality is very frustrating, but many organizations are working hard to protect these children and make sure that if their parents can’t or won’t cope, they can help.

In the video below, a heartbreaking scene occurs. Security cameras caught a man walking into a shopping mall carrying a young boy. A woman who appears to be the mother is seen standing behind the doors watching.

Suddenly, the man stops, looks around and immediately put the boy down on the floor – and runs away. Luckily, a man who was sitting just nearby realized what happened and quickly jumped into action.

The little boy was just standing there obviously having no idea what was going on around him. He attempted to run to his mom who ran away with the man who is believed to be the father, but the witness stopped him running out into the street and into danger and called for help.

Security officers at the shopping mall took the child into custody and transferred him to a nearby child-care center.

Watch the heart-wrenching footage in the video below:

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