Man struggles to move trash can through icy driveway. Wife captures moment that has everyone cracking up

We’re in the middle of winter season, when there is only low temperatures, snow and ice everywhere. Getting through this hard season is one of the most difficult challenges of the year. But there are some things that can warm us up from the inside.. Love and laughter!

It is not unusual to witness some funny incidents from time to time especially when a loved one is involved into it. The laughter brought by it can be the best way to forget the cold and have a good warm laugh. A U.K mom had a good giggle after she asked her husband to take the garbage out on one very chilly morning. She didn’t expect this one simple request to make her rolling in laughter

When mom noticed what was actually happened, she didn’t want to miss this moment, so she ran and grabbed her camera, determined to capture the entire funny incident.

Her hubby Alun Miles is trying to drag the trash bin out to the curb. But there is one little issue. The driveaway is slippery due to the thin layer of black ice.

As his wife and kids giggle inside, poor Alun is trying hard to complete his task. He takes a few steps but then slides right back to where he started! The funniest thing is that whenever he slides back, the trash truck drives right past him..

But Alun is determined to complete his mission. Round after round and attempting with different ways, his wife walks out and gives help. However, we can’t see if she just wants to keep this comedy a little bit longer: “Put it in front of you!”

If anything, that makes things harder with the steep driveway pushing him downhill.

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