The unfortunate incident you are about to watch took place in Rowland Heights, California outside one Target store. It was recorded by a woman called Andy who at that time was exiting Target. A mean woman had spotted young siblings selling candy outside the store and as a result the confrontation started.

The moment the elderly woman spots the kids; she starts scolding them. She screams at them and demands to know whether they have asked for permission and also want to see their license. Despite the little boy calmly explaining to her why they are doing it, she is not ready to understand.

Andy also reported that the boy was threatened by the woman that he was going to be arrested by cops and be put in jail. The harassment was so much for the boy that he started crying. That alone wasn’t enough to make the woman leave the kid alone.

That’s when a man named Jay Lopez approaches the woman: He has had enough of her cruelty, and he’s ready to put her in her place.

“I’m buying it all,” the man says, referring to the candy. “I’m gonna buy it all, and I’m gonna give it away to all these people. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He went ahead and bought the boy’s candy which was worth $80. He really restored my faith in humanity!

“There are good people and bad people in this world, and I saw it firsthand,” Andy wrote on Facebook. “Screw all you ignorant people that have to complain about something.”

Watch the shocking confrontation below

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