Priscilla Bailey of Massachusetts was looking at the second-hands items at a Savers store when she stumbled upon purplish-blue glass ornament shaped like a heart. It was so pretty and sparkles when you move it. Bailey couldn’t missed this chance of owning own something so precious for only $2.99.

So she happily paid for it and took it home.

“Right now it’s hanging up there when I do my dishes. I sometimes stare at it,” She said.

“Right up here on the top, right across the top, it looks like angels or Vikings,” she described to WFXT. “They look like little angels, and there’s all this work down here. It’s really beautiful.”

Then Priscilla’s daughter, Kat, started looking carefully at her mom’s new decoration and made an unexpected revelation. It turned out that the blue ornament wasn’t just a trinket, but an urn.

The fragile item couldn’t be opened, so they shined a light on it. Inside of it, They found two small spots in the size of a golf ball in which they believe someone’s ashes have been left.

Bailey and her daughter Kat Bartlett decided to find the owner immediately.

“At first I got spooked, for a second,” Bailey explained. “But then, it’s been in the house all this time — a couple of weeks now — and it needs to find its owner!”

“It’s beautiful,” Bartlett added. “It must have a story, so that’s my goal — to find out where and who this belongs to.”

Mother and daughter started looking for the family on social media and are hoping that their post will go viral!

Until then, Bailey is keeping the urn in her home at his usual place, in the kitchen, just above the sink.  “There it sits — my spooky little friend,” she said.

“It’ll be fun seeing what happens and hopefully someone comes forward and says yes that was my grandmother or grandfather,” Bailey said. She hasn’t opened it for fear of spilling the ashes inside.

“I just thought it was pretty, so maybe it was meant to come here,” Bailey added. “Who knows?”

The Savers store says that donations are often made by individuals who live in the area. So Priscilla and Kat may not have to search very far to find the ornament’s owners! Perhaps with all the attention this story is getting, someone who knows something will be able to step forward and share its secrets.

Watch the full story in the video below:

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