Feeling uncomfortable with our appearance is probably something that most people have experienced at some point in time.

Often it can be something as simple as a hairstyle, which many of us struggle to get right.

This is exactly how Bev felt just a few weeks before her daughter’s wedding. She desperately wanted to look her best and boost her self esteem. She heard about hairdresser and stylist Christopher Hopkins and asked him the question: “Can you help me?”

Bev’s daughter was set to get married and Bev felt great about the big day. But when she got into Christopher’s salon she never imagined that what he would do would leave all the wedding guests speechless!

She told Christopher that she had felt invisible for several years – and that she wanted to feel alive again. He then picked up his scissors, comb and hair color – and started the transformation. As time went by, Bev chatted with everyone and was a big hit at the salon.When he finished the makeover the transformation was amazing!

When Christopher is done, he tells Bev to look in the mirror to see her new style. Bev cannot believe her eyes. Christopher’s magic fingers really managed to perform a miracle! Thanks to him, Bev could now really look forward to her daughter’s big day.

Watch the video below and see the moment when all is revealed to Bev. It’s like a completely different person leaves Christopher’s salon! I was left speechless but above all so happy for her sake. She was worth it!

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