In 1994, Sherry Blackledge, of Laurel, Mississippi,  and her husband adopted a newborn girl, and they named her Brooke because they always wanted a little princess with such a beautiful name. Sherry couldn’t have children of her own. At first, she adopted Brian, then Brooke. Brooke was given by a woman

The first moment Sherry met her future daughter, Brooke was in the maternity ward at South Central Regional Medical Center, where she was working as a maternity nurse. The biological mother of Brooke wasn’t able to take care of her baby, then she noticed how Sherry was affectionate towards her adopted son, Brian, and decided to give up her baby girl to Sherry.

Adding a new member to the family was unexpected yet beautiful surprise for the couple. She brought home baby Brooke in 1994.

“How awesome is [it] that God just let her stop in Laurel,” Sherry said. “We always wanted a little Brian and a little baby Brooke.”

To let Brooke know how much she loves her, Sherry picked up the pen to write her a letter.

Sherry, the loving mom, wanted to express her deep love for her daughter and how much of a blessing she was for the family, so she wrote a letter for her:

“Our Dear Little Baby Brooke,” Sherry wrote when 18-month-old Brooke was asleep in her crib.

“Both my children are adopted,” Sherry told ABC News. “I just wanted them both to know how much they are loved.”

Sherry kept the letter for 20 years hidden. In 2015, Brooke was about to start her new family, she was getting married. So Sherry decided it was time to give her the letter.

Just before Brooke’s big day, Sherry took out her own wedding gown, tore a piece, and had the letter printed on it.

Only moments away from walking down the aisle, Brooke was confused when her mom, Sherry, requested everyone to leave the room.

Alone with her daughter, the devoted mother revealed this ultimate wedding gift—the letter!

Brooke couldn’t hold back her tears as she read the letter, written in neat, cursive script.

The moment is both epic and overly emotional. The whole moment was captured by videographer The Film Poets. You can’t help but feel it too!

“I had no idea the letter even existed. Of course I start crying,” Brooke said.

Later, Brooke got pregnant and she decided to write a letter for her child when he/she walks down the aisle.

“With this letter being such a huge impact for me, I am not going to write just one,” said Brooke.

Watch the video below:

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