When Elizabeth Herzog gave birth to her cute little infant, Georgia, the little one was premature, having been born at 32 weeks. That meant that Elizabeth had to be careful not to cover her with the nursing blanket too much because of the baby’s fragility. That’s why she didn’t do it even as she breastfed her at a restaurant.

Those familiar with the laws of the land in the state of Iowa know that it’s perfectly legal for a mother to breastfeed her child in public. But it seems that some people aren’t really okay with this legal freedom. So when Elizabeth started breastfeeding her little Georgia at a restaurant, the manager felt uncomfortable. He walked right up to her and tapped her shoulder, and then he proceeded to say some nasty stuff that Elizabeth just couldn’t handle. She needed to walk out of that place. She had to!

Watch this clip and get the full story. You’ll love just how the mom hit back at the bully. You need to SHARE this with all!

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