Raising kids is not something easy to do. It is one of the hardest yet most beautiful experiences a human can live in a lifetime. Rebecca Patterson, is one of the hardworking moms and she understands exactly what’s being a mom means. One day, Rebecca took her two little children along with her to Target for some shopping. Doing this can bring a lot of stress and frustration to the parent, especially when kids can’t control their curiosity or excitement when shopping. While wandering down the aisles, her two-year-old and two-month-old started having simultaneous meltdowns right there in the store. This is the last thing a mom can wish for. The poor mom, with no one around to give her some help, started to panic just like overwhelmed moms can sometimes do.

Her two kids were crying and screaming, she tried everything to calm them down, but nothing seems to work. Rebecca was, of course, angry and embarrassed as shoppers walking by and watching her kids making a chaos in the middle of the store. Realizing that she can not handle the situation anymore, Rebecca started putting back what she took of items and prepared to go back home. However,¬†just as she was about to walk out of the store, she heard a stranger asking. “Do you need some help?” It was a fellow shopper who witnessed the two kids’ meltdowns alongside their tired mom and decided to step forward for help.

Rebecca didn’t expect someone to do this, especially when other shoppers kept giving her nasty looks probably criticizing her parenting technique. Moments later, something very surprising happened, a special act of kindness and selflessness, Rebecca was so touched by it she quickly grabbed her phone to catch the moment. Her picture spread like wildfire online and has now been shared thousands of times. Can you see how a small gesture can make such huge impact. We’re humans and we need each other’s help.

Rebecca now refers to the amazing person who helped her that day as an “angel”

Watch the full story in the video below:

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