Mom sings “I Love You” to baby girl, only for comeback to have whole internet rolling

Mothers and babies share a special bond. Gemma Kate’s mom told her she loved her, and she had the perfect response. The little girl repeats in the same way only that she misses out on some words.

Research shows that babies around Gemma’s age have the ability to form the basic sound of words. Babies can pronounce words around their first birthday. The first words are nouns that refer to simple objects such as ball and dog. However, the words may not sound like adult words. For instance, the baby would say ‘og’ instead of a dog.

Baby Gemma cannot say “I love you” correctly, but she has the basic sound of the phrase.

Mom captured the magical moment on camera during their exchange. Such precious moments are rare. Has your child said something to you that melted your heart? Please share in the comments section.

Watch the amazing moment unfold below and know why the innocence of little kids is always the best. What are your thoughts?

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