Mom tries desperately to get some sleep. But baby’s “plan” has the internet rolling in laughter

Every parent knows exactly how making a baby sleep is almost an “impossible” mission to complete. You’re exhausted and only want a few hours to make so you can recover your energy to go through another day. But babies as much they’re adorable they’re just so hard to handle their moods. That’s what happened with this young mother who tried to get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. What her baby did is exactly what we’re talking about.

Esther Anderson has a fascinating story to share with us. This happens to her every morning after waking up to feed her baby. As she gets back to sleep, she puts her baby next to her instead of her crib. Watch this video to see how hard the baby tries to keep her mom awake. This time Esther decided to record her “baby alarm” tricks while she is trying to get back to sleep. It is really so funny and adorable at the same time.

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