Mommy Enrolled Her In Preschool and Her Rundown of The First Day Has Everyone In Splits

As much as it’s true that a kid’s first day at school can be hard to some degree, it’s impossible not to crack up at just how little Mila describes it. This kid is just hilarious!

Mila and her twin sister Emma have stolen people’s hearts with the aid of their lovely mom, Katie Stauffer. These two have a stand about any and everything they come across, so when Katie signed them up to preschool, she knew she was about to film something very interesting. They didn’t disappoint!

Watch as Mila comes right up to Katie and starts talking about her day at school.

Apparently, she didn’t like the schooling environment. You want to know why, and when you do, I can guarantee that you’ll be lost under your seat writhing in laughter. This kid has zero chills!

Plus, you’ll love her when you hear just how she solved a little problem that had threatened to disrupt class time. She’s smart. You just have to click this video and watch her talk about it.

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