No parent wants to even imagine the pain of losing their kid, but such loses do happen sometimes. For Ray Olson, losing his son to an accident caused by a drunk driver was the peak of his agony. He mourned his son every day since his passing away in 2003. This dad had no idea what the company bordering the road in question had in store for him!

Every day, Ray would walk to a point on the side of Richmond road and mourn his son. Year in, year out, he was always there. Chevron is the mentioned company here, and they were planning to redevelop their land, but then they had noticed Ray’s memorial. What did they do?

It’s awesome! One day, Ray found a note on his son’s memorial, and that’s what changed everything. The good dad ended up with a better and permanent memorial for his son. It was so nice that it was now easier to take care of it. You want to see this!

Watch the video below:

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