Musician Plays Piano In Department Store, Sees Familiar Woman Walk In and Immediately Jumps To His Feet

Music is the language everyone in the world can speak – Playing a song at the perfect moment can touch the hear of anyone. Sometimes, people who can’t speak what’s in their hearts, express their emotions through music, they find comfort in it and form them it’s a better way than words. Music has the powerful effect to make people dance, cry, and even relax when they’re stressful or frustrated.

So when we came across this video of the Melbourne musician Natalie Trayling, we couldn’t help but share it with you. Her incredible talent made the whole store turn up to her, she filled the crowded place with such beautiful music that left everyone there fascinated…

She completely transformed an ordinary music store into a a first class concert hall. The pianist at David Jones immediately recognized her and was more than happy to let her play .

Natalie has been sick lately and she didn’t come to the store for decades, but she came at the end. The musician was very delightful to see her back and made his instrument available for her.

And we thank him for doing it. Not only the people at the store were amazed by her talent, but even people all over the world are stunned and can’t stop watching the video.

While she’s moving flawlessly her fingers up and down the piano keys, the crowd can’t help but show a state of blissful relaxation over her mesmerizing melody, she’s like putting a spell on them. What’s really impressive is that Natalie is truly “playing” the piano – she’s spontaneously composing her tunes on the fly!

She’s playing the piano from the bottom of her heart. Watch for yourself the beautiful spontaneous performance and see why Natalie is one of the most gifted musicians out there.

Her God-gifted talents are simply stunning. Listening to her play will warm your heart.

I hope I’m lucky enough to be treated to such a beautiful live performance the next time I go shopping!

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