Natasha, is the wife of the U.S Navy sailor Chris Daugherty, she found out that she’s pregnant with their fourth baby while her husband was away doing his duty, defending our freedoms in the Western Pacific.

At first, Natasha thought a lot about how to tell Chris the happy news. Deciding that an email or phone call would not be memorable enough, Natasha decided that she would tell Chris when he returned home from deployment 6 months later.

As the months dragged on, Natasha found it hard to cover her baby bump in their numerous video calls and posts on social media. The mom of three got inventive in keeping the secret by placing emojis over her belly or by standing behind someone in photos. Speaking with reporters from the local CBS News station, Natasha confessed that she oftentimes felt compelled to break the news to her husband. Natasha was particularly concerned when tensions rose between the United States and North Korea. The young mom feared something tragic might happen to Chris and that he would never know that he was going to be the father of a fourth child.

Thankfully, the problems with North Korea were resolved peacefully and Natasha could continue with her original plan. As Chris stepped off the ship, he first met his three children. Scooping them up in his arms, Chris turned to meet Natasha, who was holding a carefully placed ‘Welcome Home’ sign over her belly. Dropping the sign, Chris could see that his wife was 8 months pregnant.

At first, Chris could not believe that he and Natasha were going to have another baby. Stepping forward, Chris had to put his hand on Natasha’s belly to make sure that she was not playing an elaborate prank on him. Once he was sure of Natasha’s sincerity, the young sailor was ecstatic and swept his wife up in a big hug. Later that night, Chris’s welcome home party doubled as a gender reveal party as the couple told all of their friends and family that they would soon be welcoming a baby girl into their home.

When news of Natasha’s surprise spread on the internet, local reporters sought to interview the proud couple. Natasha described all of the extreme lengths she took to keep the pregnancy a secret from Chris, pointing out that it was extremely difficult as pregnancy is a very fun time in the life of a mother. Nevertheless, Natasha was happy with Chris’s response, saying that it more than lived up to her expectations. Chris added that he was more than pleased with Natasha’s reveal, calling it very memorable.

In the end, Natasha and Chris’s story is one of the excitement that comes from being in love. Instead of telling Chris that they would be having another child in a more traditional way, Natasha sought to surprise her husband, giving someone who sacrifices so much for his country an amazing gift.

What do you think of how Natasha revealed her pregnancy to Chris? Have the people in your life ever revealed that they were going to have a child in a fun way? Let us know in the comments and pass this touching story along to your friends and loved ones.

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