They nervously walked onstage. But when they sang “The Prayer” like this, everyone in the room went silent

Have you ever felt so pulled to something so much that you just couldn’t help taking things to the next level? That’s exactly what happened here!

These two teens, Noelle and Ryland, have been in love with this song for quite a while. They’ve always sang it together. At one point, they felt the need to do something much more noticeable with the song, so they made a video. Brace for a heartwarming moment!

There’s this song, The Prayer, by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. It’s a true master piece sang in both English and Italian, and that’s makes it even more difficult to make a proper rendition of. However, these two teens aren’t the kind to fail at singing good songs. You’ll just love what they did with this song. They’re so good!

So Noelle and Ryland have finally decided to record themselves singing this great song. They get everything in order and start out on it. The moment they hit the first note, you’ll drop! These teens!

I couldn’t help repaying this a few more times to get the hang of it. You’ll want to check out right now, and it’s going to impress you so much that you’ll want to SHARE on Facebook. Do that!

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