Nurse Sneaks into Dying Patient’s Room – Seconds Later, Camera Captures Her Angelic Gesture

This planet needs more people like Isabelle Jennings. What this nurse did to a patient is too beautiful to explain!

Isabelle met Mary Helen at the Life Care Center in Kansas City, and the two just “clicked.” However, Mary was ill and bed-ridden. Isabelle would pop into Mary’s room and chat with her, and then she would sing some lovely hymns and songs.  That’s beautiful!

But Mary’s health was getting worse. She was suffering from a heart condition and it seemed that she was about to succumb to it. Every time Isabelle went into Mary’s room, the patient would ask her to sing for her. The good nurse was always happy to do it.

One day, Isabelle had taken a day off, but that was cut short when she was told that the old lady’s health had deteriorated too much. Mary wouldn’t make it past a few more days, and Isabelle knew she had to sing for her, at least for the last time.

This video captures that beautiful moment as Isabelle sings for her dear friend. Sadly, Mary passed away a few days later.

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