PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: A SHAPE HOVERS OVER DEAN EVANS AND LAURA HAIGH’S SON SEBASTIAN’S COT) A mum has revealed images from her baby monitor of what looks like ANOTHER BABY joining her 18-month-old son in his cot ñ only for nothing to be there when her partner rushed upstairs. Laura Haigh and partner Dean Evans set up the monitor after little Sebastian Evans tried to climb out of his cot at their home in Plymouth, Devon, last month. However the 39-year-old mum-of-four says they were left spooked when they spotted the shape of another small child-like figure lay next to the sleeping infant. Boat builder Dean, 42, rushed upstairs hoping to discover it was a teddy bear, however found Sebastian sleeping alone ñ while the shape remained on the monitor and even moved positions. SEE MERCURY COPY

After 18-month Sebastian had tried to climb out of the cot, his parents decided to set up a baby monitor. Laura and Dean were checking out the footage when they noticed a figure sleeping next to their son. The figure resembled a small child.

The concerned parents hoped it was a teddy bear that their son loved. Dean ran upstairs and found his son was alone in the cot. Dean called Laura who was downstairs. Laura said the figure was still on the monitor, but it had changed positions.

Laura even called her sister on Skype, but she did not see anything strange. Laura kept seeing the ‘figure” till 1.30 am when it disappeared as she went to feed the child. Well, that is not the only unusual happening for the family. Laura claims she sees the pictures turned upside down on the walls and hears strange noises in the house.

Laura also says her son waves at imaginary things.  The strange figure in Sebastian’s cot does not appear to bother the sleeping toddler.

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