Pastor Gives 100-Yr-Old Woman a Job, Then She Wakes Up at 3 Am to Do The Unthinkable

100-year-old Eva is not your ordinary grandmother. Born in 1916, Eva has lived her life to the fullest. She married the man she loved and got two children.

Eva knows the importance of giving back to the less fortunate. She is a talented seamstress, and uses her capabilities to touch the heart of others.

With the help of her mother, Eva perfected the sewing skill. Her mother made outfits for the entire family and never bought a single item from the store. Eva learned the skill and even rivaled her mother as she grew old.

Eva’s pastor has a special request for her. Her pastor wanted her to create special items for children who did not receive Christmas gifts. Eva wholeheartedly jumped at the idea.

Eva thanks God for her arthritis-free hands and believes they should be put to good use. The 100-year old woman wakes up between 2 and 5 am. She pours a cup of coffee and starts working on the gorgeous clothes.

Eva created 180 dresses for the unfortunate little girls. Her determination will warm your heart.

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