There is nothing more heartwarming that can evoke some serious emotions than a well composed musical performance.

That’s why it’s not strange at all that audience, host and television viewers alike were moved by this one performance between Irish singing sensation Kaylee and the  talented members of the famous acapella group Pentatonix.

Together on Steve Harvey’s stage, they gave an outstanding rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen that left everyone standing on their feet applauding them. Even the usually lively Steve Harvey – a man who always has a joke up his sleeve – was left speechless by the way these six sang.

Before the group showed up on the stage, Steve Harvey first introduced the episode’s Little Big Shot Kaylee to the audience, “She’s 11 years old, she’s from Ireland. Tonight she’s performing with one of the best singing groups in the world – the sensational Pentatonix. Give it up for Kaylee!” the audience welcomed her with cheerful applaud as she walked into the stage with the members of Pentatonix. Their vocals complement one another like never before. They’re singing in tune and not overpowering one another, or each others’ styles. You can see how Steve’s impressed – as a devoutly religious man, he allows performers all the time they want to share the love of God.

As they continue singing, everyone fell into complete silence. It’s obvious how this moving rendition of “Hallelujah” was something that touched the hearts and souls of everyone.  Personally, I can’t describe this performance by words, the best way to understand the power of this incredible rendition is to watch the video below.

Kaylee’s music teacher, Lloyd Scates, accompanied her on the trip and helped explain. “With the autism she’s quite shy, and when she sings it sort of takes over, and she doesn’t think about anything else,” he said. “And since she started singing more … in school, she’s started to take part in more and more things in school. It’s quite spectacular.” See for yourself how heartfelt she performs this song along with the worldwide famed group Pentatonix.

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