People are feeling more and more lazy to take the stairs, even though it’s very healthy for the body. So vehicle manufacturer decided to encourage more people to actually take the stairs and they came with a brilliant idea for it. The company named the project “fun theory” where they test people’s clever and innovative solutions to dilemmas, such as encouraging more people to wear seatbelts and prompting more people to scale the stairs.

The location selected for this project was the he public transportation system in Odenplan, Stockholm, which hundreds if not thousands of people exit throughout the day. They have to ways to exit: the escalator or the stairs. Late at night, group of people sunck into the stairwell and started taping up the stairs. They actually made a piano on the stairs by placing white and black electronic panels on the concrete steps.

The next morning, when people started flooding the stairwell, their reactions upon seeing the new stairs are priceless! They can still choose to take the escalator like they always do or try the piano stairs and have a little fun before heading to their destination. It’s up to them. Seeing people’s different reactions to the piano stairs in the video below is too funny, but even more comical is what they do. As it turns out, the piano stairs were quite successful. Want to know how successful?

Watch the video to find out – and also to see the brilliant piano staircase in action!

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