How people treated this 6-year-old homeless girl is outrageous – the guy at the end is the worst

Imagine walking through a crowd and suddenly seeing a well-dressed little girl who seems to have lost her parents. What would you do?

Without hesitation, most people answer that they’d approach her and ask her what’s going on. But what if the scenario changes a bit and the 6-year-old is homeless and dirty? Would her social class make a difference?

The answer, as revealed in a social experiment conducted by UNICEF, is as surprising as it is shocking. Even if the situation itself is staged, the people’s reactions are real—and it’s scary to see.

This video was recorded in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. There are English subtitles, but just the visuals alone send a strong message: that we have to change our attitude toward the 150 million homeless children around the world that society has ignored.

Watch the shocking reactions of people towards a little homeless girl in the video below:

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