Pink surprises audience when she invites Vietnam veteran onto stage – only for everyone to learn his real identity

It’s hard not to be amazed by Pink. the well-known singer hasn’t only sold millions of albums around the globe, but she’s also an inspiring, redoubtablle example for women to look up to.

During her carrer, Pink has always kept an independance that’s to be admired, whilst often staying well away from what’s ‘conventionally’ in-vogue.

In addition to that, she’s really an incredible live performer. But one of her live shows was unique because audience wasn’t expecting her to invite a special guest onto the stage.

She announced the mystery person was a Vietnam veteran, but gave little else away …

What fans didn’t know was that Pink’s father, Jim Moore, was in the audience, and was ready to take to the stage with his daughter for the first time ever.

Now, Moore had served in Vietnam and had written a song whilst overseas called “I Have Seen the Rain”. Naturally he had no idea that he’d be performing said track some 40 years later with his daughter.

Suffice to say the audience was rendered spell-bound by the duet, with featured a proud Jim and an emotional Pink.

Pink actually credits her dad for being the reason as to why she’s gotten so far in the music industry. His unconditional support helped to fuel her passion for singing, while also playing a role in her never-say-die attitude.

I think this is one of the most memorable moments in career for Pink. She’ll treasure this special moment for her entire life.

Watch the duet in the vide below:

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