Plain-looking sisters go in for ambush makeover, gasp when they see each others’ transformations

The two sisters, Beth Fuller, 52 and Anna Fountain, 53 went on a trip to New York City, the excited women have a lot of things to do. But the first thing they wanted to do was spending the morning at the Rockefeller Plaza and watching the Today Show filming.  While having fun in the front row and rocking their best NYC gear, the production crew — alongside hairstylist Louis Licari and Today contributor Jill Martin — approached them and asked them the question of their dreams

Spending years with the same frumpy look, Jill and Louis offered the sisters a new makeover as a part of their famous Ambush Makeover segment. Beth and Anna were so thrilled. Of course, they have no clue how they’re gonna look after the makeover, but they are completely giving their trusts to the professionals. Now would the Today Show team will succeeded to make the two sisters gorgeous than ever? Or would they turn them into hollow shells of themselves? Before starting with the makeover, the two sisters were each taken to separate rooms and and prohibited to look in the mirror to make the ‘makeover’ reaction even more powerful when the big moment came. The staff hoped this reaction would be a positive one!

Beth was the first one to see her new look. She couldn’t believe her eyes looking at the mirror! She is totally unrecognizable. When Anna walked onto the set, she didn’t even notice her sister from the change. Both of the sisters shrieked. They hardly looked like themselves, See if the sisters approved of their makeovers or if it was too much for them below. We can only hope they feel like the best versions of themselves with looks like this!

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