Police Officer Was Dead 45 Minutes, But ER Refuses to Give Up.. Then DR Tells Staff to Pray

At 52, Ken Kirby was still a cool cop, helping keep his area residents in line with the law. But he was a guy prone to a heart-attack, and not even he could prevent that. One day, he had a really massive one that saw him get rushed to the hospital and right into the ER. By this time, his heart had stopped!

The ER doctors were desperate. Here was a nice Police Officer dying under their watch. They couldn’t imagine that. They needed to do everything they could to save his life. They tried to revive him, all to no avail. They tried over and over again for a whole 45 minutes. His heart was still unresponsive. Was he dead?

At some point, they gave up trying to use technology. They decided to seek divine intervention to save Ken’s life, so they prayed for him right there in the ER. The results? Incredible!

Officer Kirby woke up and recovered for the huge heart attack. Can you believe that?!

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