Police Officer Spots a Pregnant Woman Sleeping on the Sidewalk. His Next Move Won Everyone’s Heart

Cases of domestic abuse are not uncommon.  It is difficult to comprehend why someone would beat or abuse their partners.

Officer Norman saw a pregnant woman with her toddler sleeping on her chest on the sidewalk.  It broke Norman’s heart, and he knew he had to do something.

Jessica, the pregnant woman, was a victim of domestic violence. Officer Norman learned that Jessica had fled a domestic violence situation. Jessica and her toddler were homeless as their stay at the shelter was long overdue. Norman took pity on the woman and her daughter. The kind officer got them a hotel room.

Norman shared Jessica’s plight on social media. The well-wishers donated clothes and other necessities to the pregnant woman who was due anytime soon. A week later, Jessica gave birth to a bouncing and healthy baby boy.

Officer Norman is working to ensure Jessica and her children find a permanent home. You see what happens when God puts you in the right place and at the right time?

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