While other preschoolers stood still and softly mouthed to the song, Sophia stood out from the rest. The little girl opened her mouth, raised her arms, and made some dance moves. Sophia’s parents were present to witness their little girl singing her heart out during her class graduation.

The preschoolers were required to perform a mellow rendition of ‘How Far Will I’ll Go, ’ but it appears Sophia never got the memo. Sophia stood on stage, in front of her classmates and their parents, and gave them a performance to remember.

Michelle Neshin, Sophia’s mother, posted the video online. The rest of the children stood stoic and sang the words calmly. However, Sophia flailed her arms and sang out loudly. She could not keep still. It is evident the little girl loves entertaining. We look forward to her future theatrics and hope she does not quit the stage anytime soon.

Watch Sophia’s hilarious performance and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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