He Raised Wild Gorillas For 6 Years. Despite The Warnings, He Introduces Wife, But Then She Gets Too Close..

Multi-millionaire conservationist Damian Aspinall decided to introduce his new wife, Victoria, to his two gorilla friends named Djalta and Ima. He was convinced he was doing the right thing despite being warned by his colleagues. However, he was not prepared for the kind of reaction expressed by the gorillas.

Djalta and Ima were bred by Damian since they were small to 12-year-old fully-grown apes before they were released to the jungle.  He was meeting his old friends four years later in their natural habitat.

Victoria was meeting the animals for the first time. Damian, however, had to tread carefully. The apes were not keen on people visiting their territory and Damian had to be cautious.

The couple traveled through a crocodile-infested river to meet the apes.

Despite being in the jungle for many years, the two apes gladly welcomed Damian with open arms and fell in love with Victoria. The 300-pound gentle Ima allowed Victoria to lay on his lap as he played with her hair. He even stole her cap.

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