Our parents are ready to sacrifice all for us. They’re by our side whenever we need them and do their best to ensure we’re given everything we need for our well-being. We get used to this and sometimes we forget to stop for a second and imagine what life would be without them anymore. Losing someone we love is the most heartbreaking thing that could ever happen to us.

Such is the case with Marc Mero. And he lost the most valuable thing he had: his mom. The worst part is, Marc failed to realize what she meant to him before it was too late.

Marc Mero is a retired professional wrestler who travels around to different schools as a motivational speaker, sharing his heart-wrenching story with the hope that he can cause a younger generation to wake up and realize what is really important in life.

Marc’s animated personality and way of speaking engage the teenage audience right away. The whole venue is so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

He begins with a funny story about how supportive his mom always was and by pointing out how she always believed in him. But unfortunately, Marc got wrapped up in the wrong crowd and overdosed on drugs three times. He goes on to make a bold point, “You show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

As the camera focuses on the teens’ faces, you can tell by their intent and focused expressions that Marc has captured their undivided attention. They are completely engrossed in Marc’s difficult story, wondering how it will all end.

He emphasizes again that no matter how awful his behavior got or how bad his habits got, his mom was always there waiting for him even in the middle of the night.

Marc explains how he went on to become a professional wrestler and ended up in Japan on tour. While there in his hotel room he received a knock on the door at three in the morning, and it was one of the Japanese promoters. He told Marc there had been an emergency and he needed to call home right away. Upon making the call, Marc found out that his precious mom had passed away.  When he arrives at this point in his story, you can see many of the teens struggling to hold back tears. Some are even downright sobbing, undoubtedly with thoughts of their own mothers on their minds.

Marc arrives at the purpose of his narrative as he dramatically relives how he felt when he saw his mom in the casket at her funeral. He had spent way too many years prioritizing the wrong things and ignoring the most important ones like his mother. And when he finally realized how valuable she was to him, she was gone.

He stresses to the teens, as they wipe away tears and hug their friends, not to get caught up with the wrong type of friends and to always appreciate what you have before it’s too late.

“We are defined by our choices.”

There’s no doubt that Marc made an impact on those kids that day, and hopefully he inspired them to make the right choices in their own lives before they make the same mistake he did.

Have you ever taken a loved one for granted? And did you learn your lesson? Let us know. Make sure your friends and family get to see this inspirational video. You never know who really needs to hear it.

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