“Shake It Off” the popular song by popstar Taylor Swift became a huge hit among not only the young generation but also the elderly people. Everyone is in love with the video clip. Taylor’s funky costumes, funny facial expressions and awkward dance scenes made it one of the best video clips ever seen.

One of the biggest fans of this song are the residents of the Julia Wallace Retirement Village, They are so fond of it, they even decided to make their own version of the entire video clip, scene for scene. The costumes are spot on, the high energy, and the perfect amount of pizzazz – oh my! They perfectly recreated the video from the first scene where a woman pops her head out from a group of stretching ballerinas, then the energetic retirees break out in song…

The star of the video who’s playing Taylor is an elderly woman and she doesn’t miss a word of the song, she amazingly syncs to Taylor’s voice: “I stay out too late. Got nothing in my brain. That’s what people say, mmm mmm. That’s what people say, mmm mmm!”

She even mimics every hilarious expression and movement Taylor made in her popular video clip. The other residents are of course not forgotten, they’re just on fire! After moving on the first scene, the extremely talented retirees jump into the boombox scene – and they nail every detail! The red and black outfits, the hats and hoods, and of course, the “boombox!”

You have to be ready for this – This retirement home “Shake It Off” version is absolutely hilarious! It’s said in the description that the it took only a week to make the “special tribute” – 50 residents, grandchildren, and staff from the Julia Wallace Retirement Village took part in it. It also noted, “With an average of 82 and a combined of more than 4,000 years, these retirees proved you’re never too old to Shake It Off and have loads of fun.” Enjoy this must-see parody in the video below!

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