The excitement and romance associated with weddings make us overlook the boring aspects such as planning and finance. Most people consider their wedding day as one of the biggest days of their lives. They will go to extra lengths to ensure the guests will remember the big day.

The rich will throw a lavish party for their guests. However, one rich man in India did something unexpected.

While others would throw lavish parties for the daughters, Ajay Munot had a different kind of surprise. Ajay is a successful businessman in India. Instead of showing off his wealth during his daughter’s wedding, he did something for the homeless. He spent close to $225,000 to build 90 homes for the homeless on a two-acre plot. Also, he ensured the occupants have access to water and electricity.

He had the perfect gift for his daughter for her wedding.

His daughter and her husband presented the keys to the occupants of the new homes. The houses are simple and may appear insignificant to an average person. However, they mean a lot to the homeless.

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