Roofers Can’t Keep Still When Music Plays On – Man in Blue Has People Everywhere Laughing Out Loud

If you’re wondering why over a million people are totally awestruck by this video, it’s because you haven’t watched it. This is the holy grail of all the fun stuff on YouTube!

It starts with one Andrew Wilcox on the rooftop. Andrew and his colleague were just going about their business fixing a roof, but this was sweetly interrupted by the sound of a nice song coming on. It’s “Bailandos” by Enrique, and it seems that Andrew can’t hold himself anymore. He has to start something!

This man can dance! While the song blasts in the background, Andrew grabs the opportunity to flaunt his super dancing skills – complete with heel clicks and body twists. But it’s the hip-sways that’ll get to your core. Look at that!

As if stunning all of us with his moves isn’t enough, he decides to travel between structures while at it. The whole thing gets too hot till his colleague can’t take it anymore. He joins in too! Now sit back and watch the pair blow you away with their dancing. You want to join them!

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