They Sat On A Public Piano To Play ‘Boogie Woogie Jam,’ But No One Expected THIS.. WOW!

Commuters at the St.Pancras Station in London can play a few tunes at the public piano as they wait for the train to arrive. The commuters were treated to an impromptu musical performance by two men who were playing some boogie-woogie on the piano. A red-haired woman joined in with her floor as her invisible drums in the crowded train station.

The legendary John Elton donated the piano to the train station in February 2016. The giant Yamaha piano was donated for public usage.

It was this piano that the remarkable trio threw the impromptu concert. When the men played boogie-woogie, some of the commuters almost started dancing. With the red-haired woman using the floor as her drums, it was a public concert the commuters would not forget anytime soon. Sir Elton John must be beaming with pride wherever he is!

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